This unit provides with basic knowledge and tools to familiar and utilize information technology contexts and basics computing skills necessary level academic study of science professionals.

Students will understand the basic concepts and technology of information technology, personal computers and their operations, key types of software and skills to use computer application.


This course provides the students

  • To learn management concepts

  • To see how the students relate to organizational success, as well as to the difficulties and challenges managers face

  • To teach the students the important concepts of management

  • To develop the students' ability to apply the management concepts through critical thinking

  • To develop the student's management skills in theirs personal and professional lives

  • To develop the critical-thinking skills that will need to apply the concepts

  • To develop the management skills that the students can use in their personal and professional lives, as both leaders and followers.

This course will cover how conventional business processes, revenue model, business model could be changed using Information Technology.

The activity classes will enhance students' knowledge of vocabularies and will help improve their social/people skills by interaction between each other by classwork, which include various pair work and group work activities.