This Unit aims develop your knowledge and skills to conduct sound academic research and/or practical project in Accounting using a range of methodological tools and approaches. Working independently as well as in a group setting, it aims to equip you with the technical skills to critically review prior research as well as plan your own research project in accordance with both academic and ethical standards.


The aim of the unit is to provide the knowledge and skills required for a financial manager in making financial and investment decision making. Financial Management is the study of the nature of all the decisions that financial managers make when running a corporate, profit-making organisation. However, since the array of decisions is wide and varied, the study of Financial Management focuses on those economic decisions that have a direct financial implication to the business and its shareholders. Through a process of both academic debate and practical application, you are expected to make boardroom level decisions and recommendations that enhance shareholder wealth.


This unit aims to develop knowledge and skills of the audit process and the assurance function in providing independent objective opinion that assures shareholders. Its content is informed to an extent by the curriculum of the ACCA’s paper F8 as those who are successful in this unit will be eligible for exemption. Audit is a process within an organization for the purposes of introducing, monitoring the effectiveness of, and updating control systems. In earlier times, 30 years ago, these control systems were directed towards maintaining the integrity of costing and financial data records, necessary for the compilation of the Annual Report and Accounts. The process of independent scrutiny of financial systems and information on behalf of shareholders is termed external audit.


The unit aims provide a thorough knowledge of accounting theory and practice in all areas identified for this course. At the same time you will cultivate personal skills and attributes essential for discharging financial reporting responsibility at a professional level. The financial reporting process is tightly constrained by law and pseudo-legal “standards” that provide guidance to the preparers of the accounts. This unit examines the financial reporting process and the primary vehicle to achieve this is the construction and interpretation of single entity and consolidated financial statements.