This module provides the introduction to management and organizations. Management is a dynamic discipline and this module reflects those changes to help prepare students to manage under those conditions. Topics cover includes defining the manager's terrain, planning and organizational structure and design and how to manage the change and innovation.

This module gives basic accounting principles. It covers the accounting elements of the financial statements, the financial statements of sole traders, books of original entry, adjustments for financial statements and special accounting procedures.



This module provides fundamental concepts through the major tasks associated with marketing to the strategic role of marketing in an organization. It will cover the nature and scope of marketing, identifying and selecting markets, the product, price, distribution, and promotion in sales and marking environment.

This module gives an introduction to human behavior in the organizational setting and its managerial implications. It covers the world of organizational behavior in terms of managing diversity, culture, socialization and mentoring, individual behavior in organizations based on self-concept, personality, abilities and emotions, values attitudes and job satisfaction, group and social processes by learning team and teamwork, organizational processes concerned on tactics, leadership, empowerment and politics. 


This module presents the introduction to human resource management. It covers supervisors as managers, equal opportunity in the workplace, creating a positive work climate, developing job expectations, recruiting and selecting applicants, team work and team building, evaluating performances, planning and organizing, communicating effectively, decision making, problem solving and controlling and motivating.

This module introduces what the economics is and why studies economics for business. It highlights problems faced by real business and shows how economics can help solve these decision problems. It covers understanding the firms and markets, competition and profitability and macroeconomics. This course covers all the fundamental concepts in Economics.