The activity classes will enhance students' knowledge of vocabularies and will help improve their social/people skills by interaction between each other by classwork, which include various pair work and group work activities.

The course is designed to increase student's confidence and ability and to enable them to operate at a good intermediate level. The emphasis is on integrating the four skills, increasing fluency through interactive communicative activities and improving accuracy through grammar focus and error analysis. Attention is also paid to vocabulary building and achieving clear intelligible pronunciation.

This module contains a variety of exercises that present and practice vocabulary, grammar, functions, speaking, pronunciation, listening, writing, and reading. Every unit in this textbook contains two cycles, each of which has a specific topic, grammar point, and function. The topics featured in each unit are contemporary and give a strong focus on both accuracy and fluency. The lessons encourage the students to participate using information from their own lives which makes the class more interactive.

This unit provides communicative approach addressing Academic English four skills to support individual's English proficiency. The pedagogy will utilize several instructional methods, emphasizing cooperative and collaborative interactive learning, as language is largely a social dynamic.